Easter Eggs- A Healthy Alternative

An Easter without eggs would just be incomplete.

Luckily there is a healthier alternative to chocolate eggs (chicken eggs, of course!) and here is a fun way to get creative with them!


Step 1.



You will need: Two hard-boiled free range eggs, two colours of food dye that contrast well (one darker than the other) lightly diluted (the lighter colour should be diluted not too strongly, but the darker only very lightly), a (preferably spongy) paintbrush, a pair of disposable gloves, some coloured oil pastel crayons, a candlestick (that drips a fair bit of wax), a butter knife, and a roll of  paper towels.

Step 2.


Choose one of the eggs (it will be the one that has wax dripped on it) and get a paintbrush and the lighter dye.

Step 3.


Put on the gloves. Dab the egg over with the lighter of the two dye colours that you have chosen. Wait a couple of seconds before dabbing it dry with a paper towel, and repeat the process until you are happy with the colour.

Step 4.


Light your candlestick and drip the wax that it drips onto the egg. Try to get it to drip and form a circle, the effect in the end is better if it is not in weird shapes. Wait for it to dry.

Step 5.


Get the darker dye and either with a different paintbrush or the same one washed, dab the dye over the egg, wait a couple of seconds and dab it off with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you are happy with the colour of the egg. Scrape the wax off carefully with a butter knife (lightly so that it doesn’t crack) and you have finished that egg.

Step 6.


Now get your other egg and draw colourful and creative patterns on it with the oil pastels. Do not press too hard or the egg may crack.

Step 7.


Get one of the food dyes that you used for the other eggs (or you can get a new one, or one that is not diluted) and dab it all over the egg. Wait for a couple of seconds and dab it off with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the colour of the egg.


It should end up something like this. You may need to go over the crayon again.

We decided to have a tea party with our friends. We ate our eggs there.

Here are some pictures of our tea party!












4 thoughts on “Easter Eggs- A Healthy Alternative

  1. Love it! The photos are so pretty and colourful! I love how Beige and Creamy have friends for a tea party or whatever. ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ LOL 😛 🙂 😉 hahaha ❤ Blob Fish

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