The City of Love


We finally arrived. We were very excited, however, the weather was not exciting…

The first place we visited is called the Pompidou. It is an art gallery, but all the art is very abstract. Unfortunately, we are not in any photos because the photos are of the artworks, and even though we did ask, we were told not to go on or near the artworks…









Then we went to…

The Eiffel Tower!

Here is a view of it from far away…


And here we are on it!! In the rain!!



We climbed every one of the 388 steps (we think we counted right…)  to the second level, but because of the rain, no one wanted to climb and the lift was crowded and the lift is the only way to get to the top.


We got a view of the whole city…



We even saw Monte Matre!


Though the weather was unkind to us, Paris was a real adventure in a beautiful city and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

With an end to that, we say au revoir to Paris and  Hola to Espanol!


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