The City of Love


We finally arrived. We were very excited, however, the weather was not exciting…

The first place we visited is called the Pompidou. It is an art gallery, but all the art is very abstract. Unfortunately, we are not in any photos because the photos are of the artworks, and even though we did ask, we were told not to go on or near the artworks…









Then we went to…

The Eiffel Tower!

Here is a view of it from far away…


And here we are on it!! In the rain!!



We climbed every one of the 388 steps (we think we counted right…)  to the second level, but because of the rain, no one wanted to climb and the lift was crowded and the lift is the only way to get to the top.


We got a view of the whole city…



We even saw Monte Matre!


Though the weather was unkind to us, Paris was a real adventure in a beautiful city and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

With an end to that, we say au revoir to Paris and  Hola to Espanol!


Hi everyone, it is Pip and Puddles.
We finally arrived in Europe!!!
Our first stop is in Belgium. We are staying at a friend’s house.
Here are some pictures!



The grain field was MASSIVE



One of us feeling more at home than the other…




Jumping into the field was fun unless you got lost… which we didn’t!




We also visited our friends Bertie and Leo’s house.




10 11

Cherry picking in the tree!! Fun and yum!!




Belgium was a lovely place to stay.

Tomorrow we leave for Paris!

The Airport and the Aeroplane

Hi everyone!
It is Pip and Puddles.
When we were at the airport, we had spare time before the plane left and we decided to go to the lounge.
We got some food so we weren’t too hungry on the aeroplane (to put it nicely, we all know there is better food in other places).
We took some photos there. Here they are!



We took some on the plane too.


When we landed, we headed off to Belgium.

Pip, Puddles and Europe

Hi everyone!!

We want to tell you that we were going to visit Europe soon, but we are just too busy at home taking creating and cooking things, fine dining and blogging that we can’t!

Luckily, our good friends Pip the Panda and Puddles the Penguin have offered to go for us and take the photos for us so that we can still put them on our blog. 

This is Pip and Puddles


Pip likes to travel, eat bamboo and sleep. He likes boats, picnics, Puddles, and us!

Puddles likes to travel, go fishing and jump in puddles. He likes slushies, picnics, Pip, and us!

We hope that they have a great time and take lots of photos for you to see!


Creamy and Beigestar

Easter Eggs- A Healthy Alternative

An Easter without eggs would just be incomplete.

Luckily there is a healthier alternative to chocolate eggs (chicken eggs, of course!) and here is a fun way to get creative with them!


Step 1.



You will need: Two hard-boiled free range eggs, two colours of food dye that contrast well (one darker than the other) lightly diluted (the lighter colour should be diluted not too strongly, but the darker only very lightly), a (preferably spongy) paintbrush, a pair of disposable gloves, some coloured oil pastel crayons, a candlestick (that drips a fair bit of wax), a butter knife, and a roll of  paper towels.

Step 2.


Choose one of the eggs (it will be the one that has wax dripped on it) and get a paintbrush and the lighter dye.

Step 3.


Put on the gloves. Dab the egg over with the lighter of the two dye colours that you have chosen. Wait a couple of seconds before dabbing it dry with a paper towel, and repeat the process until you are happy with the colour.

Step 4.


Light your candlestick and drip the wax that it drips onto the egg. Try to get it to drip and form a circle, the effect in the end is better if it is not in weird shapes. Wait for it to dry.

Step 5.


Get the darker dye and either with a different paintbrush or the same one washed, dab the dye over the egg, wait a couple of seconds and dab it off with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you are happy with the colour of the egg. Scrape the wax off carefully with a butter knife (lightly so that it doesn’t crack) and you have finished that egg.

Step 6.


Now get your other egg and draw colourful and creative patterns on it with the oil pastels. Do not press too hard or the egg may crack.

Step 7.


Get one of the food dyes that you used for the other eggs (or you can get a new one, or one that is not diluted) and dab it all over the egg. Wait for a couple of seconds and dab it off with a paper towel. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the colour of the egg.


It should end up something like this. You may need to go over the crayon again.

We decided to have a tea party with our friends. We ate our eggs there.

Here are some pictures of our tea party!











Beige Bunny’s Brilliant Banana Bread

Do you like easy, quick, cheap, simple and tasty things?

All at the same time?

Beige Bunny’s Brilliant Banana Bread (BBBBB) incorporates all of those, at the same time, and today, it is being shared with you.

Bite into this simple recipe and in no time you will have your own Beige Bunny’s Brilliant Banana Bread!!

It makes 8-10 BBBBB mini or 1 large BBBBB

Step 1.


You will need: 3 medium bananas (the squishier, the better, so they are easier to mash, because the more mashed they are, the moister the BBBBB is), 1 cup sugar, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp bi-carbonate soda, 1 pinch salt, cinnamon (to your taste), vanilla (to your taste), 120mL oil or 120g margarine, 2 eggs, 3 tbs water, 1tbs margarine to grease, plus a large bowl and the tray.

PREHEAT OVEN TO180C (normal oven mode)!

Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.


Step 6.


Step 7.


Step 8.


Step 9.


Step 10.


Step 11.


Step 12.


Step 13.



Tips and ideas:

You do not have to have chocolate chips in your BBBBB.

If you wish to make a loaf of BBBBB, cook it for 40-45 minutes, but do everything else the same.


Highly Huggable Heart Cushion!





Have you ever wanted to sew something simple yourself?

Here is an easy how-to which teaches you, step by step, how to make your very own Highly Huggable Heart Cushion!

Step 1.




You will need: a pair of sewing scissors, a needle with a large eye and sharp point, 90 cm of tapestry thread, pins, a fine point sharpie, two 10×10 cm squares of cotton fabric and a large handful of polyester stuffing.

Step 2.


10×10 cm makes a medium Highly Huggable Heart Cushion but you can cut the fabric larger or smaller depending on what size you want your Highly Huggable Heart Cushion to be…

Step 3.


You will want to fill the whole square with the heart shape, but only draw on one of the squares. For the next step, however, you must align the two squares and pin them together.

Step 4.


Keep the pins in the heart for when you start to sew.

Step 5.


Thread the needle single thread. To thread it you may need to suck on the end and perhaps flatten it.

Step 6.


This is simple stitch, but blanket stitch is probably the best (as seen in the last picture).

IMPORTANT: Leave enough space for your index finger between the two ends of the stitching so you can fit the stuffing in. Leave some wool so you can sew up the hole once it is stuffed to the brim.

Step 7.


Push the stuffing through the gap. To ensure that you have as much puffiness as you can, fill the heart with as much stuffing as it can possibly hold!

Step 8.


Sew up the gap that you left to stuff the heart.

To hang it up, attatch a length of ribbon to either side of the dip in the center of the heart.

To infuse it, mix dried lavender into the stuffing.

Now you can hug your very own homemade Highly Huggable Heart Cushion!